Is bedding provided?
Bedding and towels are provided free of charge in all rooms.

When are check in/out times?
Guest can check in from 4:30 pm. Please leave by 10:30 am on the morning of your departure.

Are there shower facilities?
We now have 4 new power showers, 3 for the double rooms and the bunk and 1 en-suite.

How do you cater for disabled guests?
We are situated on the fell side, consequently stout footwear is recommended to access the property.
Due to the age and layout of the building it is not ideally suited for disabled guests, please enquire first before you book. There are no downstairs toilet facilities.

Can we bring our dogs?
We are dog friendly but can only cope with a few at a time. It is expected that your dog will be trained, obedient, and kept close to heel. You must contact us before bringing any pets.

Will our mobile phones work in the building?
Mobile phone signals are good in the area.

What do we do if we need assistance during our stay?
The owner lives locally and maybe about during the week cutting grass and tending to the trees on the hillside.

Are hairdryers provided?
Yes! We now have a hair dryer in every room.

Do you have Wifi / internet access?
The wifi access is free.

What do we do for evening meals?
We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen and dinning for 12 persons

What is there to do on a rainy day?
We have a selection of board games, cards and books on offer. TV’s in the double rooms. We also have a snug with multi fuel stove and TV

How is the building kept warm?
There are three stoves to keep the building warm during the colder months. The bathrooms, en suite, and bunk room are centrally heated.

Can we bring our own drink?
Yes, we have a selection of wine and beer glasses for you to use